Monday, March 30, 2009

Principles picture shows alot of movement especially in the backround. this is an example of unity because alot of different colors have been put together to make it unified. This picture shows some different fruits all put together in one picture. This picture is a great example of balance because it shows some very uneven shaped rocks balanced on one another.
_7309652_3w1.jpg image by Peregrinor The person who took this picture really put alot of emphasis on the bee attempting to pollinate the flower. This picture has very good contrast because it shows the sun shining on the ocean and it is very still which gives the picture its contrast. This picture shows a good pattern repeating throughout the picture.

Elements This image is an example of space because it has a few candles grouped together then the rest of the picture is empty. This picture shows value because it contrast black a white very nicely. This picture has alot of very nice shape to it because it has alot of unique lines to it. This picture is a good example of form because it is just a figure with missing details. This picture is a nice example of line because it shows some naturally made lines. picture shows alot of texture especially towards the center of the wood. This picture shows some different colors meshed together.

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